Building Efficiency Accelerator’s Webinars

Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) is a multi-stakeholder network , which works with local and sub-national governments in order to increase the uptake of energy efficiency policies and programmes in the building sector. It is part of the Global Efficiency Accelerator Platformunder Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative and is led by the team of experts at World Resource Institute (WRI). Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency (C2E2) as the Energy Efficiency Hub for SE4All has been supporting BEA on the analytical side since its establishment at the Climate Summit in September 2014.

One of the areas of BEA’s work is making the expertise of its wide expert network available to a broad audience of stakeholders. With this purpose BEA with the technical support of C2E2 and other partners is conducting webinars on various topics in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. The growing collection of the BEA’s webinars is presented below.