An Introduction to the SE4ALL Building Efficiency Accelerator (Webinar) – 23.06.2015

Energy efficiency is touted as a “low-hanging fruit” for cities to take hold of, in order to lower overall carbon emissions.  Indeed, energy efficiency opportunities are well understood and implemented in a variety of settings worldwide.  And yet, energy efficiency as a strategy is still underutilized.  The International Energy Agency and United Nations Environmental Program estimates that energy efficiency can “stop the growth in emissions by 2020 with no net economic cost.” Therefore, the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform was established under the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which was announced at the 2014 September Climate Summit in New York. The Platform will accelerate energy efficiency through six public-private Accelerator initiatives: appliances and equipment, buildings, district energy systems, lighting, industry, and vehicle fuel economy.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) and its approach to working with local governments to improve the efficiency of buildings in their communities. ICLEI members and other local governments are invited to learn about this initiative, the actions of current Building Accelerator partner cities, and explore the potential for their own involvement in the BEA.


  1. Angie Fyfe, Director, Resource Efficiency and Renewable Energy, ICLEI USA (TBC) – Welcome
  2. Jennifer Layke, Director, Building Efficiency Initiative, World Resources Institute – Introduction of the Building Efficiency Accelerator
  3. Erick Shambarger, Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Sustainability, City of Milwaukee, USA – Milwaukee’s building efficiency activities
  4. Oscar Vázquez Martínez, Director of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment (TBC), Mexico City, Mexico with Julia Martínez, CTS EMBARQ Mexico – Mexico City’s building efficiency activities
  5. Bill Sisson, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) / United Technologies – Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratories (EEB 2.0 Labs) and COP21 Buildings Day
  6. Q&A
  7. Angie Fyfe, ICLEI – Summary & call to action

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