Creation of energy-efficient Buildings Renovation Action Plans for cities: guideline and application cases (Webinar) – 14.03.2017

In the last decade, the integration of Renewable Energy Sources in buildings and smart combination of technologies have been identified as key elements for renovations plans which pursue the horizon of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. In this context, this webinar is focused in a methodology for elaboration of national roadmaps for energy-efficient buildings renovation where the most relevant stakeholders, barriers and potentials would be identified. As example, this methodology will be applied to two real national scenarios in Europe.

Parallel and aligned with the national roadmaps, the cities should develop their own buildings renovation action plans adjusted to their needs and constraints. The webinar is presenting a guideline for creation of action plans, which will work as a tool for the cities governments and policy makers. Finally, the City of Rotterdam (Netherlands) and the City of Vitoria (Spain) are presenting the result of applying this tool to their reality.