Oubbol Oung


Oubbol holds a PhD in 1996 in physical Chemistry of the university of Paris-Sud Orsay, in France. After a post-doctoral position in GeoDelft, a research institute in Delft, the Netherlands, Oubbol carried on working for more than 5 years on various projects in the field of geotechnics and modelling. She was then in charge of leading research projects. Since 2004 to date, Oubbol is employed by the municipality of Rotterdam as advisor and was involved in large construction projects like the transformation of the central train station ‘Rotterdam Centraal’, creating more room for rivers ‘Ruimte voor de rivieren’ in Nijmegen. Since 2014 on, her interests has turned into sustainability and climate change related issues, especially the energy transition, and got more directly involved in European projects related to energy like CELSIUS (promotion of District Heating, 2013-2018), NEZER (promotion of Nearly Zero Energy building Renovation, 2014-2017), and at last she leads for Rotterdam project TRIPLE-A (awareness, easy access and adoption of low-C technologies, 2016-2020). TRIPLE-A aims at increasing the adoption of energy efficiency renovations by private home-owners by applying a comprehensive approach and hence creating a market uptake.