Full System Accounting of Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Webinar) – 03.11.2015

A webinar by UNEP together with C40, ICLEI, WRI, SE4All entitled: Full system accounting of energy efficiency in buildings: A Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Webinar. The combination of district energy and building-level efficiency is helping cities around the world realise cost-effective decarbonisation of heat and cool demand in buildings. However, the important relationship between building efficiency certification and district energy needs to be properly accounted for in city, national and international policies and certifications. This webinar provides an insight into how building policy is shaping at the EU level to address both heat supply and demand and how the cities of Vancouver and Rotterdam have overcome barriers to the integration of district energy and buildings.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Welcome and Introduction of SE4ALL Energy Efficiency Accelerators (15 minutes)
    • Maryke van Staden, Low Carbon Cities Program Manager, ICLEI World Secretariat – moderator
    • Shannon Lawrence, Director of Global Initiatives, C40
    • Lily Riahi, Advisor on Sustainable Energy in Cities, UNEP
  2. The future of building policy: addressing supply and demand. (15 minutes)
    • Eva Hoos, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission
  3. Vancouver: progress on the impact of LEED on DES development and what is still needed (15 minutes)
    • Sean Pander, Green Building Manager, City of Vancouver
  4. Rotterdam: Advocating for national policy change and city-level action on ensuring system energy efficiency (15 minutes)
    • Astrid Madsen, Sustainability Programme Advisor, City of Rotterdam
  5. Summary & call to action (5 minutes)
    • Maryke van Staden, Low Carbon Cities Program Manager, ICLEI World Secretariat
  6. Questions & answers (25 minutes)

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