Tools for Building Energy Efficiency: Resources for Policy Design (Webinar) – 31.03.2016

Under the umbrella of SE4All Global Efficiency Accelerator Platform the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2) in collaboration with the World Resource Institute (WRI), hosted this webinar on 31 March 2016. The focus of this webinar is on policy design and the role available online tools and resources can play in assisting policy-makers in shaping their policy efforts. Information on policy developments in different countries is often scattered and guidance on effective design of policy packages might not be readily available, which often undermines the effectiveness of policy development efforts. In this regard tools, which collect, structure and make such information available, present an important value for policy-making and expert communities.


  1. Welcome and instructions – Ksenia Petrichenko, C2E2
  2. Introduction to the Building Efficiency Accelerator – Eric Mackres, WRI
  3. Overview of tools for energy efficiency  in buildings –  Ksenia Petrichenko, C2E2
  4. Building efficiency tools case studies:
    • IEA EE Policy Databases & the Multiple Benefits of EE – Brian Dean, IEA
    • BigEE platform – Stefan Thomas, Wuppertal Institute
    • Handbook of Sustainable Building Policies – Benigna Boza-Kiss, CEU
  5. How does the BEA help with policy design? – Eric Mackres, WRI
  6. Question & Answers

Registered panelists

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Eric Mackres

Building Efficiency Manager at World Resources Institute

Brian Dean

Head of Energy Efficiency and Cooling at Sustainable Energy for All