Options for Incentivizing Voluntary, Above-code Construction (Webinar) – 10.05.2017

This BEA webinar, open to BEA cities and partners, as well as the general public aims to help cities identify incentive types that may work to spur above-code development in their local context. Building on the first webinar from this working group that featured the ‘what and why’ of above-code construction, this webinar looks in greater detail at different policy options intended to stimulate green building in the private sector, and in some cases, the public sector.

Cities learn from peers about various types of incentives, structural and financial, that have been successfully implemented to drive voluntary, above-code construction. Policy and program types to be covered include density bonuses, tax incentives, expedited permitting, public recognitions and challenge programs, and the effect requirements on government-owned and operated properties on the private sector.

Topics covered include:

  • An brief explanation of voluntary, above-code construction
  • The role of incentives in sparking private sector adoption
  • Matching an incentive type with to the local context of a jurisdiction
  • Tracking and updating policies as above-code standards are updated
  • BEA resources on incentivizing voluntary, above-code construction

Learning from peers about experiences and challenges of implementation.