Lessons from 18 months of BEA engagement in Mexico City (Webinar) – 19.10.2016

This BEA partnership webinar describes the process of BEA engagement in Mexico City from March 2015 to now. Mexico City has put in place first-of-their-kind construction regulations that incorporate energy performance as their BEA policy, and will audit and retrofit several public sector buildings as their BEA project. It will provide perspectives from Mexico City, the private sector, and the lead local partner in this engagement.

Speakers will reflect on what has been achieved so far, what aspects of the BEA process have been helpful or could be improved, how the process has been different from other similar processes in Mexico City, and how this work will help Mexico City meet high-level goals such as those on climate change.

Webinar participants will discuss how these processes can be best applied in their local contexts. They will have the opportunity to discuss the BEA process, its strengths, and potential improvements with Mexico City, other BEA cities, and global partners.