Renovating Buildings with Cost-Effective Reductions in Energy and Carbon Emissions – Findings from IEA EBC Annex 56 (Webinar) – 08.11.2016

This webinar provides a chance to learn about the investigation and findings from the International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy in Buildings and Community (EBC) Annex 56 project. Topics include investigating how far it is possible to go with energy conservation and efficiency measures, and when to start using renewable energy produced on site for the cost-effective renovation of the existing building stock with a nearly-zero energy and emissions target.

The Webinar participants will discuss:

  • Some of the main topics on the developed methodology, including cost-effectiveness vs cost-optimality, anyway measures and added value;
  • Results and main findings from the investigation of case studies from the participating countries;
  • Recommendations for policy makers and professional home-owners.