Data insights to foster the uptake of energy efficiency technologies in EU residential buildings (Webinar) – 04.12.2019

The ambitious strategy of turning EU countries into low carbon economies assumes reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below the level from 1990. This target can’t be achieved without significant changes in building energy use and installed HVAC equipment. Currently 75% of buildings in EU are energy inefficient and the actual rate of renovation is not sufficient to achieve ambitious climate change mitigation targets.

One of the barriers of higher and faster distribution of low carbon technology is the lack of comprehensive and reliable knowledge of the expectations and needs of different stakeholders, the real market potential for green technologies, and the building stock itself.

Therefore, the aim of the Building Market Briefs (BMB) project is to collect and generate valuable insights in order to encourage investors, low-carbon technology suppliers and other key stakeholders

  • to invest;
  • to develop and/or
  • to distribute their technology across the European countries.

A Building Market Brief is a document that contains an evidence-based assessment of the local market, a model-based assessment of deep retrofit opportunities and an analytical and empirical assessment of market systemic and specific barriers; the BMB also provides complementary content in terms of fact sheets, data tables, and an executive summary for the most relevant target group(s).

The target audience includes developers and providers of (deep) retrofit technologies and services (including large energy companies and utilities which expand their business models), and demand side parties such as governments, (corporate) building owners, and investors.

The following webinar describes the BMB initiative in detail as well as a summary of the key findings.

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Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

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