Energy Poverty

Using the results, lessons learned, and strong collaborative relationships of ongoing and prior green finance projects, SMARTER Finance for Families offers its know-how to support identification of individual solutions for using green finance innovation to improve the health and comfort, financial stability, and energy performance of very low-income households.

In all SMARTER partner countries, the project offers free consultancies and accessible green certification to pilot projects that combine government incentives with private bank financing. The intent is to demonstrate the Energy Poverty solutions are “bankable” by private sector banks provided they are supported with well-designed, “hybrid” solutions and the banks are supported with an easy to utilize method of measuring EE/Green performance.

The SMARTER Energy poverty campaign aims to introduce green performance into governmental programs. Endorse our campaign here!

People in need (PIN) is a Czech non-profit organization that focuses on development assistance and humanitarian aid around the world. PIN also has its regional office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it has been operating since the 1990s. and has been active in different sectors, e.g. social inclusion of vulnerable groups or good governance. PIN Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a member of the „SMARTER Finances for Families” consortium and implements the initiative focusing on energy poverty resilience in SMARTER project countries

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