How can we help your pilot project?

According to the latest data from the Energy Poverty Observatory, nearly 50 million people in the European Union are affected by energy poverty. It is an important political and social problem, as living in inadequately heated or cooled homes has proven to have a detrimental effect on the respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular systems, as well as on the mental health and well-being of people.

SMARTER supports pilot projects providing housing to low income families. Are you a municipality subsidizing reconstruction of private dwellings? Are you an NGO supporting social housing for underprivileged?

According to your needs, SMARTER can

  • provide you with technical and financial guidance
  • help you to increase the quality of your construction plans
  • provide accessible green certification
  • connect you with banks providing green loans
  • get your project international visibility

Pilot projects must be:

  • residential buildings
  • new constructions or reconstructions
  • in the stage of planning or implementation
  • public or private property
  • aimed to help low income families
  • promote combination of public and private funding

Find a partner closest to you and get in touch to discuss your project:

  • [Bosnia and Herzegovina]
    Milenka Pecenica
    People in Need, Project Officer for SMARTER
  • [Georgia]
    Liana Garibashvili
    Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia, Project Manager for SMARTER
  • [Italy]
    Maria Elena Ghelardi
    GBC Italia
    Certification Customer Service manager, Project Officer for SMARTER
  • [Czech Republic]
    Petr Zahradník
    Czech Green Building Council – CZGBC
    Project Manager
    Project Officer for SMARTER
  • [Bulgaria]
    Kamen Simeonov
    Project manager
    EnEffect, Center for Energy Efficiency
  • [Greece]
    Effie Korma
    Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving-CRES
    Head, Market Development DPT
    Project Officer for SMARTER
  • [Poland]
    Anna Jurczak
    Project Coordinator
    Polish Green Building Council PLGBC
  • [Turkey]
    Dr. Duygu Erten
    TURKECO, Project Officer for SMARTER
  • [Romania]
    Rodica Purcel
    Project Assistant
    Romania Green Building Council