The Building Blocks of Residential Green Finance (Webinar) – 30.09.2021

The Building Blocks of Residential Green Finance – the rationale, methodology, and initial results of implementing a successful, international residential green finance program to benefit our citizens, the planet, and a climate-ready banking sector.

  • What key trends are driving the substantial growth in the green finance market?
  • How do homes in a bank portfolio contribute to both ambitious environmental performance and substantial financial risk reduction?
  • What research and evidence is available to justify banks implementing robust green finance programs?
  • What national policies are being implemented and what new proposed policy can accelerate and reward green performance from the banking industry?
  • Learn how banks issuing retail mortgages and development loans can implement best-in-class green finance programs that are consistent with the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance.


  • Overview of how Green Homes & Green Mortgages programmes work and the SMARTER Finance for Families initiative
  • Policies to support the growth of residential green finance
  • Key research created by SMARTER to support residential green finance
  • Next steps. Ways to get involved/participate in advancing the green finance topic

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