Super ESCOs (Webinar) – 22.02.2023

ESCOs have been struggling with the adapted financing component of their offer and the challenges that come with the needs of rapid payback from their clients. The Super ESCO scheme, developed a few years ago, has now been demonstrated in different shapes and forms mainly in the Middle East and in North America and may come to the rescue of ESCO market players. The Global ESCO Network’s first webinar in 2023 presents the Super ESCO concept and provides a review of the experience so far from advisers central to their development.

Pierre Langlois, long-time president of Econoler and co-chair of the Global ESCO Network, will speak of the recent experience from the establishment of a Super ESCO in Canada, while Stéphane le Gentil, adviser to both the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, will speak on the development of the Super ESCOs in the region and the implementation modalities employed. The Super ESCO model may also be about to find its way into the African continent, and Jalel Chabchoub, Chief Investment Officer at the African Development Bank will present AfDB’s approach to Super ESCOs and how a development bank can use the concept to implement more energy efficiency projects, especially in Africa.