BNP Paribas and Polish Green Building Council cooperate to accelerate sustainable housing in Poland

More good news for home buyers in Poland! BNP Paribas clients can avail of attractive terms and conditions  for their mortgages with ZIELONY DOM certificate issued by Polish Green Building Council. The bank is now offering a preferential rate for certified homes. Both organizations entered into an agreement, which establishes their cooperation and defined the scope of activities for the development and promotion of sustainable housing in Poland as part of the Green Home and Green Mortgage program and the EU SMARTER initiative.

Environmental responsibility is an inherent part of various activities of BNP Paribas. It is also reflected in our products portfolio. For several months now, we have been offering our Customers a Green Mortgage, with a lower interest rate, to finance energy-efficient properties. ZIELONY DOM certificate is one of the certificates we recognise as a confirmation that a particular investment meets high environmental standards. By establishing a partnership with PLGBC, we join forces to promote environmentally friendly residential investments
Marcin Grabiszewski, Head of Mortgage Lending Development in BNP Paribas.

ZIELONY DOM Certificate, developed as part of the Green Home and Green Mortgage program, is a guarantee of high energy efficiency of buildings, user comfort and respect for the environment. Lower operating costs (resulting from reduced consumption of heat, electricity and water), high indoor air quality and higher market value of the certified property, combined with an attractive financing offer, will accelerate the development of sustainable housing in Poland and result in happy, healthy homeowners.