BEHAVE 2020-2021 Recordings & Material

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Opening Plenary Session

Session 1a:
Applying behavioural insights in the private sector, organisations and business models

Session 1b:
Hard-to-reach energy users in residential and non-residential sectors and financing

Session 1c:
Behavioural insights and their application in the developing world

Session 2a:
Behavioural insights and effective communication for climate change mitigation

Session 2b:
Behavioural insights for end-use energy efficiency in buildings

Session 2c:
Energy agencies supporting households and communities through the energy transition with a focus on behaviour change and advice delivery

Session 3a:
Digital Solutions for Behaviour Change

Session 3b:
Behaviour Interventions for the integration of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Session 3c:
Improving energy programmes in enterprises: behavioural insights and barriers

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Plenary Session 2

Session 4a:
Users behaviour in transport and mobility

Session 4b:
Behaviour integration into energy modelling for policy development – 1

Session 4c:
The road to net zero: what can energy agencies learn from behavioural science

Session 5a:
Session 5a: Behaviour integration into energy modelling for policy development – 2

Session 5b:
Multidisciplinary approaches to energy behaviours for achieving the SDGs

Session 5c:
Enabling Energy Efficiency by Addressing Behaviour in Technological Solutions Towards Investors and Users

Session 6a:
Energy Communities and Related Behaviour Strategies to Energy Efficiency

Session 6b:
Promoting sustainable energy behaviours: policy instruments, interventions and evaluation of effects

Session 6c:
Innovative projects and research on applying behavioural insights for energy efficiency

 Friday, 23 April 2021

Session 7a
Collective action for the energy transition – emergence, perceived benefits and potential for scaling

Session 7b:
Behaviour Interventions for energy saving and environmental protection – field experiences and insights

Session 7c:
The H2020 project -SMARTEES (1)

Session 7d:
ASSIST model and the SUITE project

Session 8a:
Is energy efficiency (fe)male? The role of gender for sustainable energy use

Session 8b:
IEA Users TCP session will focus on hard-to-reach (HTR) energy users

Session 8c:
The H2020 project SMARTEES (2)

Session 8d:
“Recent advances and next steps for BIs in the energy policy sphere” Special session on the Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform of the UsersTCP

Closing plenary

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