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The SMARTER Green Homes Investment Platform (GHIP) is the linkage among SMARTER development and delivery of standards to make energy performant, eco-efficient and green residential real estate investments attractive and realizing objectives toward “Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency Finance”. GHIP addresses emerging themes in green real estate capital markets and policy developments such as the EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Activities, EU Green Bond Standards and Climate Risk Analysis Practices recommended by bank regulators, supervisors and central banks.

The platform facilitates strategic dialogue among institutional investors, developers and banks related to green real estate finance standards as they impact originators, issuers, underwriters, investors, specialized climate banks as well as guarantors and counterparties. GHIP integrates key aspects of Green Mortgage and Green Homes programmes that are implemented at the National level but are connected at the Regional and European level to assure a common approach in aligning with current and future Horizon 2020 initiatives to “Mainstream Energy Efficiency Finance” as well as through the “SMARTER Finance for Families” green residential finance online platform to facilitate knowledge sharing and other collaboration possibilities across Europe.

National and Regional Aggregation of green residential investments is facilitated by building GHGM programmes to a common approach benefiting from SMARTER partner consortium members’ extensive regional experience on this topic, and collaboration with other European initiatives to significantly elevate environmental performance far above “business-as-usual” while gaining the acceptance of the business community for this higher standard.

The GHIP seeks to:

  • Organize dialogue with and between the relevant stakeholders;
  • Establish minimum criteria for GHGM programmes to assure a common definition of the necessary energy and green performance for “green” investments/bonds; and
  • Design and implement credible institutions respected and accepted by the banking industry, institutional investors, governments, and energy environmental experts to administrate the Green Homes certification process going forward.

We have been involved in “SMARTER Finance for Families” project and are committed to supporting further work in this area. The promotion of capital flows to ambitious energy efficient measures is an important priority for CBI. This project is well in line with CBI’s own priorities. CBI stands ready to support project implementation.
Sean Kidney
Climate Bonds Initiative

The “SMARTER Finance for Families” project concept brings qualifying criteria to markets where such an approach is lacking. The EBRD has recognised this approach in some of its financing activities with local banks and I personally support the expansion of this approach to further unlock financial flows in underserved markets.
Ian Smith