Libra Internet Bank Joins the Romanian Green Building Council and SMARTER Finance for Families Consortium

Libra Internet Bank (‘Libra’) and The Romania Green Building Council (‘ROGBC’) have initiated a strategic partnership as the bank joins the SMARTER Finance for Families Consortium to accelerate progress towards an environmentally sustainable building stock and real estate finance sector in Romania.


Through the partnership, Libra becomes the first bank in Romania to offer an incentivized construction and development lending product dedicated specifically towards environmentally sustainable real estate development meeting high environmental ambitions and stringent environmental performance standards. Libra will integrate environmental performance standards into underwriting criteria and offer preferential rates to real estate developers to drive environmental sustainability objectives while facilitating growth in the real estate sector and banking markets.


The bank will also offer preferential interest rates to individuals who purchase a Green Home certified home by the Romanian Council for Green Buildings (ROGBC).


“The partnership with Libra Internet Bank will contribute both to the growth of the real estate and banking markets, and to our information and awareness program on caring for the environment, by building responsibly. People will live healthier in a certified Green Building , the quality of life here being clearly superior to ordinary buildings ”

-Andrei Botis, President of the Romanian Council for Green Buildings.


ROGBC is a non-profit association that supports environmentally responsible building and grants Green Homes certificates.

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