TURKECO and SMARTER Finance for Families: 2021 Sustainable Business Award

TURKECO’s  H2020 funded “SMARTER Finance for Families” project has been given the 2021 Sustainable Business Award for emphasizing the business models and projects that have significant impacts on social, economic and environmental issues and protect our common future. The business awards, in which opinions were received live from the 48-member jury consisting of Turkey’s leading academics in the field of sustainability.

TURKECO as a part of the “SMARTER Finance for Families” consortium has integrated sustainable design and construction principles into its projects and developed a low-cost but comprehensive “Green Housing Programme” to evaluate and recognize the best performing sustainable/green housing projects. The following information includes detailed descriptions of the program, its criteria, advantages and costs, as well as the selections of both those who have received the certificate and those who wish to obtain a green housing certificate within the program. In agreement with banks, national or internationally accepted, widespread certificates are included in our program.

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