SMARTER Makes a Case for Greener Buildings

“It’s time to borrow responsibly and build wisely”
Steven Borncamp, Project Coordinator, SMARTER

The European Commission  recognizes the  SMARTER initiative for its contribution to broad market acceptance of green homes, energy efficient buildings and uptake of green mortgage programs across Europe. Their multi-stakeholder approach actively engages developers, residential investors and banks to provide citizens with green homes which offer greater quality, comfort, wellness and financial security at a lower total monthly cost of ownership.

The European Commission noted how SMARTER uniquely helps each stakeholder group deliver sustainability, financial and wellbeing benefits through targeted, specialized toolkits. The project has two main platforms:

  • Green Homes Investment Platform is where stakeholders can follow developments in residential green finance and timely research on matters impacting the banking and investment community.
  • Green Homes Solutions Providers is an ecosystem of companies providing services, materials, technologies and other products necessary to bring a green residential project to life.

SMARTER demonstrates wide market acceptance with over 10, 000 housing units already certified or soon to be, representing over € 1.5 billion of project value across the 12 participating countries. CORDIS, the European Commission’s primary public platform to disseminate information on EU-funded research projects and their results, published the findings.

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