Smart City

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Population: 30,000,000 [metropolitan area]

Climate: Tropical Monsoon

Duration: 2016

Sector: Public Street lighting

Funding sources: Public

City networks: Asian Network of Major Cities 21, C40

Savings: Energy costs up to 70%.

Solutions: Retrofit of street lights with LED techonologies.

Multiple benefits: Increased safety for citizens.

The city of Jakarta, in partnership with Philips Lighting, upgraded the street lighting through the Smart City initiative. The initiative sees a Smart City as “where everything is connected to enable […] citizens to live safely and more comfortably in a city that is beautiful day and night” [source].

Objective – To improve the public services and to reduce the energy expenses, while engaging the transformation of Jakarta in a Smart City.

Solutions – The project upgraded nearly 90,000 streetlights to energy efficient LED lights in seven months, at the rhythm of 430 lights retrofitted per day. The retrofit included the inclusion of a remote monitoring technology (Philips CityTouch lighting management system) and it was implemented in multiple districts of the city [source].

Funding – Funds came from the City government of Jakarta.

Innovation – By refitting 430 lights per day, this project is one of the fastest street lighting retrofitting efforts and remote management project worldwide. Moreover, the remote monitoring technology allows for the data collection of each light point, which is sent to the city’s lighting office (Industry and Energy Department) through existing cellular networks [source]. The data enable the city officials to monitor the lighting infrastructure and to manage remotely the illumination levels by the local needs. Moreover, because of its scale, this project is one of the largest remote controlled street lighting systems at the global level [source].

Success factors – The engagement of the City government in transforming Jakarta in a Smart City favoured the realisation of this project. Moreover, Philips Lighting collaborated with Jakarta for other lighting projects, thus there was already a cooperation between the two parties, which supported the development of this project [source].

Significant outcomes:

  • Energy savings up to 70% as result of the project;
  • Energy costs reduced as result of the project;
  • Citizen safety increased.

Synergies with local policies:

  • Jakarta is engaged in the transformation of the city in a Smart City, which has as one of the priorities the responsible management of natural resources as well as energy [source].

Political alignment: 

  • National Energy Policy (Government Regulation No. 79/2014) replaces the previous National Energy Plan and focuses on the national energy mix and energy policy planning, as well as energy access;
  • Energy Management Regulation (Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, No. 14/2012) targets energy efficiency as mean to preserve energy. This regulation applies only for the consumers using more than 6000 toe per year;
  • Energy Conservation (Government Regulation No. 70/2009) addresses use the use of energy resources, the governmental responsibilities, the development of General Plan of Energy Conservation (Rencana Induk Konservasi Energi Nasional, RIKEN), as well as the implementation of energy efficiency labelling;
  • National Master Plan for Energy Conservation (RIKEN) sets a goal of decreasing energy intensity by 1% annually from 2005 until 2025;
  • Energy Law No. 30/2007 states the legal bases for national energy management and the prioritisation of environmentally friendly technologies.


  • The project aims at being implemented also in small- and medium-sized conurbations [source];
  • Since 2012, the Philips CityTouch street lighting technology has been installed in over 700 projects across 35 countries [source].

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