Mainstreaming Energy Service Companies in Nationally Determined Contributions – Book Launch (Webinar) – 16.12.2020

Despite the high benefits and low cost of energy efficiency as a major solution for mitigating climate change, a large number of energy efficiency opportunities remain untapped due to multiple barriers. ESCOs, which combine technical expertise and financing, are businesses that can play an important role in boosting private investments in energy efficiency implementation and thus also climate change mitigation. However, ESCO are absent in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 

The 2020 Perspectives issued by the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and the Global ESCO Network consists of ten invited articles related to ESCOs in NDCs from leading experts and practitioners around the world, including regional and national ESCO associations. It was launched on December 10th on different platforms, including on 

The webinar is an opportunity for participants to discuss central issues with some of the authors for using ESCOs in the response to the climate change challenge.