Energy Efficiency Measures to Boost Building Renovation (Webinar)

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with Enerdata, hosted this webinar on Energy Efficiency Measures to Boost Building Renovation.
To improve the efficiency of existing building stock and reach national and EU targets, it is important to implement new and innovative support schemes—in particular to address the major barrier to thermal renovation: its initial investment. This webinar explored existing potential savings in building stock and present some innovative financial schemes.
To accelerate the annual rate of renovation in EU countries, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) re-cast asks EU countries to “assure that minimum energy performance requirements for buildings or building units are set with a view to achieving cost-optimal levels” for both new and existing buildings. The webinar explained the cost-optimal level concept and presented the cost-energy clouds generated in the frame of the Entranze project, whose objective is to provide fact based evidence and guidelines to build ambitious, but reality proof policies and roadmaps for renovating the existing building stock towards nearly zero-energy buildings levels.
Because renovation may require high initial investment, energy efficiency measures should incentivize end-use customers and help them implement the renovation package that leads to the best solutions. The second part of the webinar presented a sample of current best or innovative practices in EU leveraging renovation activity. It also presented the most ambitious policy package scenarios set in the Entranze project.
Bruno is a globally recognised expert of energy efficiency and demand, energy supply and demand, and policy monitoring and evaluation. With more than 30 years of experience, he is the technical coordinator of the European Commission’s Odyssee project and of the World Energy Council’s policy monitoring analysis. He also manages training sessions and development of databases and information products. Bruno has published numerous articles on energy prospective. He graduated from a major school of Electrical Engineering and holds a PhD in Energy Economics.
Specializing in energy efficiency evaluation (policies and measures, indicators), Carine participates in various European projects such as ODYSSEE or other projects related to building the sector (ENTRANZE, ZEBRA). Carine holds a PhD in Economics and a MSc in Energy Economics. Some of her work has been published in scientific journals.

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