D4.1 EE renovation market mechanisms, trends and barriers (2019)

This report articulates itself within a more general three phase analytical process directed towards the alleviation of market barriers and failures within the EE renovation market. The global structure is composed of an analysis of general market trends and mechanisms in the preliminary phase, then a more contextualized set of more specific barriers that may be overshadowed by the more generalist variables will be compiled and analysed, finally the latter barriers will be mapped out in the EE renovation value chain in order to gain more understanding on the stakeholders most affected and solutions will be offered in order to minimize these negative effects and develop strategies for achieving the EU´s targeted yearly renovation rates.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, ESCO

Country / Region: European Union

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In 2 user collections: Business Models, Contracts & Project Development , Market Overview including Cases studies

Knowledge Object: Web Resource

Published by: Stunning

Publishing year: 2019