Clean Energy for All Europeans Package: Does the Commission Modelling Assign the Right Role to Energy Efficiency and to Renewables? (Webinar) – 19.10.2017

The Clean Energy for all Europeans package is the first opportunity for Europe to align its domestic energy and climate targets with the ratified Paris Climate Agreement and the ratified Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the Commission’s modelling methodology and results do not reflect well the ratified international agreements and significantly overestimate the cost of energy transition.

A recent discussion paper by Agora Energiewende highlights areas of improvement of the Commission’s modelling of renewable energy scenarios while an OpenExp report highlights those improvements needed to fully capture Europe’s energy savings and to make Efficiency First principle a reality.

The main findings of both reports are being presented and discussed at the webinar. The presentations will be followed with a virtual round table discussion with policy makers and civil society representatives.

Registered panelists

Yamina Saheb

Senior Energy and Climate Analyst at OpenExp

Tom Howes

Deputy head of energy economics and financial instruments at DG ENERGY European Commission

Claude Turmes

Member of the European Parliament at European Parliament