Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect

The Center for Energy Efficiency Eneffect is one of the first organizations in Bulgaria, specializing in energy efficiency, founded in 1992.

Some of the most important activities developed by EnEffect over the last 15 years are the energy efficiency in buildings focusing on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Passive Haus standard and trainings of specialists in these areas. The Center owns two companies: Eneffect Consult providing consultancy in the field of energy efficiency, including energy auditing of buildings; and EnEffect Design specialized in integrated project design in the field of urban development and low-energy and passive buildings. Eneffect also acts as a secretariat of the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy, established in 1997, providing political and technical support to local authorities to implement sustainable energy policies and practices. As part of the International EEE Consortium, EnEffect manages the Bulgarian Fund for Energy efficiency and renewable resources.

EnEffect is the developing and promoting the Bulgarian Green Homes & Green Mortgage program.

EnEffect is responsible as a task leader for the development of a Catalogue of common and country-specific barriers to the mainstreaming of green finance as a facilitator of greater Energy Efficiency/ Green Home performance.

EnEffect also leads the task for development of a set of documentation and toolkit(s) – focused on solutions for households experiencing energy poverty. The set includes a policy brief document and a detailed supportive analytical report.

By participating in the project EnEffect aims to contribute to achieving a qualitative change in the implementation of energy efficiency projects in buildings in Bulgaria, influencing the typically applied approach by investors and financial institutions. With SMARTER we hope also to initiate a change in the attitude of people when purchasing a new home to choose the best quality instead of the lowest price as well as to use the bank financing for home renovation instead of waiting for the public grants. For this purpose, EnEffect will promote on the Bulgarian market an attractive new financing program for  high energy performance/green residential buildings, already successfully implemented in other countries.

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