Building trust in ESCOs in a developing country context: the case of Kenya (Webinar) – 24.08.2021

To achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), developing countries need to enhance their efforts and skills to make improvements in energy efficiency that require rel­atively less investment. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are recognized as potentially important contributors to such improvements, but the ESCO markets are not yet well devel­oped in developing countries.

Kenya has a relatively blank sheet of paper for developing the right frameworks for ESCOs to address the challenge, notwithstanding the traditional barriers. In this webinar, Mr Fenwicks Musonye, Senior Energy Efficiency Officer at Kenya’s Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority identifies not only the barriers, but also fills in the blanks with specific solutions. His recommendations call for both government and private-sector interventions that include the formation of super ESCOs and associations of ESCOs, the implemen­tation of favourable fiscal policies, the encouragement of public-sector facilities to participate in energy efficiency projects, and improvements to local capacity, knowledge and skills to set and implement the energy efficiency agenda through ESCOs.

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Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: Kenya

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Knowledge Object: eLearning

Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Publishing year: 2021