Urban Climate Neutrality (Kenya)

Most of the over 3000 secondary boarding schools in Kenya are using inefficient incandescent bulbs for lighting; lighting often contributes to over half of the schools electricity bills. The poor lighting also affects the school children’s health and education. UNEP-CCC has persuaded Signify Foundation to donate 250,000 Euro of LED lighting devices to support lighting retrofitting for up to 100 schools; the 100 schools have been selected based on an agreed criteria, including the schools recent electricity bills. In the first quarter of 2024, a walk-through energy audit and baseline will be conducted on all the selected schools. Signify will ship the lighting devices to Kenya and the MoEP will organize lighting retrofitting and track and report the retrofitting impacts on energy saving. African Development Bank intends to scale up the school lighting retrofitting through their support of Super ESCO establishment and operation in Kenya

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