Building Efficiency (BuildingOS)

Optimize building performance
By aggregating real-time data across your portfolio, the Heatmap App powerfully and visually displays scheduling inefficiencies; and the Building Drift App detects when your building startup or shut-down times change or baseload use increases. Together, these applications allow you to tune up your buildings and keep them efficient over the long term.
Manage peak demand
More than 40% of utility bills are attributed to peak demand charges. BuildingOS uses machine learning to forecast near-term peak demand based on a live weather forecast and other dependent variables. Actionable notifications translate analytical insights into instant savings. The Load Profile & Trend Analysis Apps allow you to examine how well you’ve managed against peak demand events.
Detect issues and abnormalities
Instead of finding out about an issue after the fact, the Alerts feature in BuildingOS will send you automated text or email messages whenever your buildings are operating outside of their pre-defined norms. A flexible rule-based engine adapts alerts to changing conditions.

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