Best Practices and Case Studies to Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency (Webinar) – 02.03.2016

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2), the SE4All Energy Efficiency Hub, is hosting a free webinar on its latest publication: Best Practices and Case Studies for Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement.

Globally, industry consumes about one quarter of the global energy and is critical sector to achieving the SE4All goal of doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvement by 2030. Published in February 2016, the report aims to provide guidance to policy makers on industrial energy efficiency. The report starts by identifying the enormous potential of improving industrial energy efficiency, identifies the various technologies available and existing barriers. The suite of policy instruments available to countries is presented to help stimulate increased energy efficiency investments by industries, governments and other key stakeholders.

Four main types of policies are described including:

  • information and capacity building;
  • institutional, regulatory and legal policies;
  • fiscal and financial policies; and
  • technology innovation policies.

Each type of policy is complemented with concrete examples, especially from the developing world, with a view to sharing international experiences that can inform countries’ own efforts at accelerating energy efficiency improvements.

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Registered panelists

Kit Oung

Energy Management Advisor at Independent

David Thorpe

Consultant and author on energy efficiency in buildings at Independent