Steven Fawkes

Managing Partner

Dr Steven Fawkes has over 30 years’ experience in the energy efficiency sector and is recognised as a leading advisor and expert in the development, application and communication of new techniques in energy efficiency and energy efficiency finance.

Throughout his career Steven has been an energy efficiency pioneer. He has worked hard to improve practice and promote greater levels of energy efficiency and has initiated energy efficiency programmes in Europe Asia and North America.

Through over 260 publications including books such as, “Outsourcing Energy Management” (2007), “Energy Efficiency” (2013) and “Best Practices and Case Studies for Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency” (2016), as well as his own influential blog –, he has sought to share knowledge and insight for the good of the efficiency industry. He has also made more than 130 presentations around the world including invited keynotes in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US, giving insight into the critical matters of energy efficiency financing and investment.