Bank Ochrony Środowiska and Polish Green Building Council promote sustainable homes together

Bank Ochrony Środowiska has a long history of supporting sustainable construction investments and using the green certification, Zielony Dom developed by  Polish Green Building Council is a perfect fit for a green discounted mortgage. Zielony Dom was developed as part of the EU H2020 SMARTER Finance for Families initiative and will be used as one of the criteria for granting an ecological mortgage.

Zielony Dom certification is a guarantee of high energy efficiency, user comfort and respect for the environment and will be used as a multi-criteria certificate for green homes, dedicated to housing developers and private investors. Lower building operating costs (lower consumption of heat, electricity and water), high indoor air quality and higher market value of the certified property, combined with an attractive financing offer, will accelerate the development of sustainable housing in Poland.

Based on the agreement signed by both parties, PLGBC will verify and confirm that the residential buildings signed for certification meet the specific criteria, which will enable them to receive the Zielony Dom certificate. Potential homebuyers of Zielony Dom certified homes will be able to apply for an ecological mortgage in BOŚ.

“The projects financed by the Bank from ecological loans contribute to achieving measurable positive effects in various areas of environmental protection. Apart from investments in renewable energy sources, we achieve the greatest results in the area of sustainable construction. At the end of the first half of 2020, loans for this purpose represented 27.8% of the Bank’s balance of pro-environmental loans.” says Emil Ślązak, Acting CEO of Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

“Certified buildings are a guarantee of a high standard of design and construction. Energy efficiency leads to lower daily operating costs and therefore lower burden on household budgets. Preferential conditions of ecological mortgages are a very important step towards thinking about residential investments in the perspective of long-term environmental impact of buildings.” – emphasizes Agnieszka Strzemińska, President of PLGBC.