Banca Comercială Română Launches Casa Mea NaturA for Purchase of Green Homes

Banca Comercială Română (‘BCR’) launches an incentivized green mortgage program for the purchase of residential properties certified by the Romania Green Building Council as the bank expands the scale and scope of it’s environmentally sustainable real estate finance product-sets. The Casa Mea NaturA mortgage provides homebuyers purchasing a green home preferential terms including reduced fees on loan amounts starting at €9,162.65, with a Loan-to-Value (‘LTV’) Ratio up to 85%, repayment term up to 30 years and variable interest rate of 3.55% per year. Homebuyers can choose between a variable rate for the entire term of the mortgage or fixed interest for the first 5 to 10 years then a variable rate for the remaining term.


“We aim to encourage sustainable investment and want to show customers the benefits of purchasing an energy-efficient home, which means a healthier environment, lower carbon footprint, lower utility costs and increased quality of life.”


-Vlad Huțuleac, Deputy Executive Director, Products and Retail Segments, BCR

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