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This podcast series by the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency promotes the ongoing work and research on energy efficiency through discussions with experts from various sectors, such as building, district energy, and datacentres. You will hear experiences and case studies from our global network of experts and we aim to help you understand them. If you want to learn more about energy efficiency or discover related projects, this is the podcast for you!


[00:00:04.680]Aristeidis Tsakiris
Hello and welcome to the backstage area of the podcast series Scaling up Energy Efficiency. The podcast that brings you the latest research on energy efficiency and looks at how energy efficiency is not only a great way to save energy but also the low hanging fruit when it comes to climate action to achieve the Paris Agreement.

[00:00:23.830]Susana Paardekooper
Because energy efficiency is a cost effective and widely available resource that can drastically reduce the need for fossil fuels.

[00:00:30.720]Aristeidis Tsakiris
My name is Aristeidis Tsakiris and I’m joined by my colleague at the Copenhagen Center on Energy Efficiency Susanna Paardekooper. Hello Suzanna.

[00:00:38.690]Susana Paardekooper
Hello Aristeidis.

[00:00:40.070]Aristeidis Tsakiris
We are at the UNEP DTU Partnership office to record the trailer for our podcast series. With our podcast we want to speak with energy efficiency experts from various sectors like buildings, district energy data centers and hear about their experience and case studies or to be more word efficient how they’re trying to create a more energy efficient world.

[00:01:01.290]Susana Paardekooper
We are using our global network of energy efficiency experts and we’re planning to get and share as much information as we can with you. Obviously in the most efficient way.

[00:01:14.240]Aristeidis Tsakiris
So please subscribe and don’t forget to check our website. There you will find much more material from webinars, to publications to….

[00:01:21.370]Susana Paardekooper
Come Aristeidis. We also need to be efficient with our time.

[00:01:24.380]Aristeidis Tsakiris
OK. OK. Please check our website: c2e2.unepdtu.org. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast channel.

[00:01:32.430]Susana Paardekooper
Enjoy the podcast and have a good one.

[00:01:34.340]Aristeidis Tsakiris

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