Olatz Nicolas


Olatz Nicolas is Diploma in Architecture by the Bartlett School. University College London (U.K.), Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture by the North Carolina State University, School of Design (U.S.A.) and Diploma in Urban Planning Law by the Basque school of Territorial and Urbanistic studies (EVETU). She worked as an architect collaborator in the development of buildings, and planning projects for 10 years before she joined, in 2006, the Sustainable Construction Division of Tecnalia, in the area of Rehabilitation and Integrated Urban Regeneration. As a researcher during this period she has taken part in international projects, UNDP and EU-funded projects related to energy both at building as well as urban level and has an extensive experience in retrofitting construction projects. Olatz participated as coordinator and technical expert in the PAPIRUS project (Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability), one of the pilot project in the area of Public Procurement of Innovation co-financed by the European Commission within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Framework Programme. From this experience Olatz has given many lectures related to Public Procurement of Innovation and works with different administration as a consultant with on implementing PPI in the construction sector.