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TURKECO Construction and Energy Inc. is an international consultancy and a research/training firm for green building/business  certification systems.  Its main goal is the create green projects in the built environment along with  research and promotion of  taking into consideration the principles of sustainable development.

TURKECO is part of a team responsible for developing and promoting the Green Homes & Green Mortgage programme and its promotion to those institutions that may be interested in adopting the project’s approach.

Furthermore, TURKECO leads the project’s task related to the research on the “Current or future needs of Institutional Investors financing Green Mortgages and Green Loans”. This research output will also serve as a primer of interesting content placed online for the “Green Homes Investment Platform” to further inform and engage supporters in the institutional investment, banking and related industries to support the SMARTER approach and an ambitious definition for green finance.

We give great importance to green finance initiatives and through our participation in the SMARTER Finance for Families project, we wish not only to get acquainted with the latest successful developments in the field but also pave the way for the development and promotion of innovative financing products in the Turkish market, that can contribute to the an increase in energy efficiency and green performance of buildings.  For more info: www.surdurulebilirkonut.com

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