Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015

Published annually, the Tracking Clean Energy Progress (TCEP) report highlights how the overall development and deployment of clean energy technologies evolve, year on year. Each technology and sector is tracked against the interim 2025 2°C Scenario (2DS) targets of the IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2015 (ETP 2015), which lays out pathways towards a sustainable energy system in 2050. This comprehensive overview examines the latest developments in key clean energy technologies:
Recent trends with reference to technology penetration, market creation and technology developments.
Tracking progress in each technology and sector segment, which includes a quantitative evaluation on progress towards meeting the 2DS.
Recommended actions which outline the measures required to overcome existing barriers to meeting the 2DS.
In 2014 renewable power generation continued to progress, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) increased rapidly, and a significant milestone for carbon capture and storage (CCS) was reached; however, the deployment rate of most clean energy technologies is no longer on track to meet 2DS targets. The overall growth rates of clean energy technologies have slowed significantly, and existing opportunities for deployment are not being exploited, preventing significant benefits from being realised. Policy certainty, incentives, regulation and international co-operation are required to meet stated ambitions and transform the global energy system.
This report is an excerpt from ETP 2015. Together these publications provide specific recommendations to governments on how to scale up deployment of these key technologies to ensure a secure, clean and competitive energy future.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, Industry, Renewables, Transport

Country / Region: Global

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Published by: IEA

Publishing year: 2015

Author: IEA