The Spanish ESCO market – Trends and Barriers (Webinar) – 08.09.2022

Although ESCOs are not yet a prominent implementation modality for energy efficiency in Europe, ESCOs are experiencing a growing market for their services in Spain. As such, Spain may be blazing the trail for other markets in Europe, where ESCOs are yet to establish a strong foothold. Carlos Ballesteros, the CEO of the Spanish ESCO association, ANESE, and recently also a member of the Advisory Board of the Global ESCO Network, shares insights on the trends in the Spanish ESCO market as well as on the barriers that still exist for the rapid growth of a sector that is increasingly recognised as the prime short-term answer to growing GHG emissions and, not least, increasing focus on energy security, particularly in Europe. Energy efficiency is the one resource that all counties have in abundance, and ESCOs are the means to unlock it.

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Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: Spain

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Knowledge Object: eLearning

Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Publishing year: 2022