Slovak Green Building Council (SKGBC)

The Slovak Green Building Council (SKGBC) is non-profit organization, which is raising awareness of green buildings and sustainable construction. Above all, our task is to explain their benefits to human health and the environment. Also, we focused our activities on two topics that we deemed the most important: adaptation of buildings to climate change and a healthy indoor environment. We organize regular events on these topics and we are actively engaged in discussions on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In professional forums, we present innovative and energy-efficient technologies that help us meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. We are also intensively discussing the measures that the state and cities can implement to reduce the impact of extreme weather on citizens.

Review, map and analyze energy performance certificates and certification tools in the of the Implementing Partners’ countries, data collection and implementation in the local mortgage schemes.

The fundamental goal is to gain awareness of the public for healthy, comfortable, and green homes. Involving all stakeholders like banks, residential investors, solution providers and citizens creates positive environment for important change in the construction sector and the society. The project outcome like simple home certification system would become an important measure for quality living with economic benefits. It will create a base for understanding, that green homes are affordable for everyone.

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Sector: Buildings

Country / Region: Slovakia

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