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Rocky Mountain Institute’s approach is to focus on unlocking market-based solutions that can be replicated and implemented now. In particular, RMI provides thought leadership on dynamic clean energy solutions including the economics of demand flexibility, the economics of grid defection and net energy metering.
The Eight Guiding Principles of Rocky Mountain Institute
Advanced Resource Productivity: Using natural resources much more productively — efficiently — is both profitable and better for the environment.
Whole-Systems Design: Whole-systems design reveals lasting, elegantly frugal solutions with multiple benefits.
Positive Action: We don’t lobby, litigate, or harass those with whom we disagree.
Market-Oriented Solutions: We believe in working with markets, not against them.
End-use/Least-cost Approach: “What are we trying to do, and what’s the best and cheapest way to do it?”
Biological Insight: Nature offers extraordinary design solutions honed by 3.8 billion years’ rigorous testing
Corporate Transformation: We view the corporate world, which environmental groups often dismiss as “the problem,” as an essential part of the solution.
The Pursuit of Interconnection: We believe strongly in the importance of a “vision across boundaries.”

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