Rapid Assessment Gap Analysis Rwanda

The energy sector is key to Rwanda’s economic development and poverty reduction goals. Electricity currently represents a small share of Rwanda’s overall energy consumption, but is set to expand rapidly over the next few years. Businesses have identified access to affordable energy the number 1 challenge they face when considering their expansion plans in the country. The country is planning special economic zones to encourage growth in business, and the supply of electricity will have to expand dramatically to service their demand. Likewise, meeting Rwanda’s goals of rapidly increasing access to electricity for households will require further expansion of the electricity system. Biomass consumption, mainly wood and charcoal for cooking, currently dominates primary energy supply. Although its share of primary energy will decline over time as other energy sectors grow, biomass will remain a key pillar of Rwanda’s energy system. Ensuring the sustainability of biomass supply in terms of environmental and health impacts remains a major challenge for a densely populated country like Rwanda, especially in areas of the country where shortfalls are already evident.

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Sector: Cross cutting

Country / Region: Africa, Rwanda

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll)

Publishing year: 2014

Author: Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll)