Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC)

Polish Green Building Council PLGBC is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting the building sector in Poland by promoting and implementing the principle of triple responsibility: environmental, social and economic. The aim of PLGBC is to promote the process of the design, construction and use of buildings in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, so that it benefits the residents, the environment and all the participants of the construction process.

In SMARTER project PLGBC is working to create own certification system for homes, Zielony Dom and link it with preferential green mortgages within Green Home & Green Mortgage program. To achieve this, the organisation is engaging developers and banks to actively participate in the program. Furthermore, PLGBC will put the effort to create a list of Polish Green Homes Solution Providers, which will be a helpful tool for developers and project teams in designing and construction process.

PLGBC is also responsible for communication and awareness building tasks within SMARTER, as well as providing essential, country-specific information, as a contribution to research tasks led by consortium partners.

In PLGBC we wish for high quality, environmentally friendly and affordable sustainable homes for all. We believe that Green Homes & Green Mortgages program will create new opportunities for the whole building and financial sector to spread the sustainable, certified homes among Polish citizens, making them benefit from living in green homes. The educational value of SMARTER project is not without significance – the efforts made by financial institutions, developers and certifiers, cooperating  within GHGM program, will make citizens more conscious in the topic of environmental responsibility when choosing their homes. This will have an important input to building sector transformation.

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