Policies and investment on energy efficient lighting: models for success (Webinar) – 22.06.2021

Lighting, appliances and equipment account for more than 50% of total global electricity demand which is expected to more than double by 2050 in developing countries. However, energy-efficient lighting, appliances and equipment can save energy, emissions and in all global regions more than $60 Billion annually.

Right energy efficiency policies can represent 40% of the emissions reductions to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. However, this potential is not being grasped and investment in energy efficiency was even decreasing over the last years. There are many reasons for that, among which are: the lack of right policies, knowledge and capacity, data and the appropriate design of bankable projects.

With this event we aim at presenting the opportunities on market transformation of lighting, appliances and equipment, through policy regulations, green procurement, assessment tools and innovative business models. Best practices will be presented on policy design and a specific focus on a business model adopted by Argentinian municipalities for energy efficiency technology procurement, resulting in evident economies of scale.

The webinar will be part of the Ministerial-level Thematic Forums that aims to bring together key stakeholders virtually over five days, 21-25 June 2021, to mobilize actions as a major milestone on the road to the High-level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021.

Registered panelists

Gabriela Prata Dias

Head of Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency at Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Phone: +45 45 33 53 26
LinkedIn: Visit profile

Soledad Garcia

Responsible for the technical support and Project coordination at United for Efficiency