Motivating both supply and demand for energy services: the Chilean case (Webinar) – 20.04.2021

Since its beginning in 2012, the National Energy Efficiency Association of Chile (ANESCO Chile A.G.) has been in the front of promoting energy efficiency and the ESCO model in Chile, dealing with barriers and myths against EE in the public and private sectors. The growth of the ESCO sector and the disseminations of its benefits and visible achievements have been essential for the EE market in the private sector. In the public sector, showing the ESCO model’s compatibility with the rules of the sector was essential. Over 10 years, ANESCOs efforts have been accompanied with public policies, the inclusion of EE as a pillar in long term energy policy and the creation of the public-private Energy Efficiency Agency, now the Sustainable Energy Agency and at the end of 2020, EE is seen as essential for the fulfillment of the National Determined Contribution, the sustainable recovery after Covid-19 and Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

Monica Gazmuri and Juan Francisco Richards share their experience and views on how this turnaround has been possible, the set-backs and the work that still remains and how Chile’s journey can inspire other countries that want to promote ESCOs as the way forward to fast-track and unleash energy efficiency potentials in support of NDCs.

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Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: Chile

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Knowledge Object: eLearning

Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Publishing year: 2021