Model Regulation Guidelines For Energy-efficiency Requirements For General Purpose Electric Motors

The Model Regulation Guidelines are a supplement to the UN Environment Programme Programme’s United for Efficiency (U4E) Electric Motors Policy Guide “Accelerating the Global Adoption of Energy-Efficient Electric Motors and Motor Systems.” It is intended for use by regulatory authorities in developing and emerging economies2 with 50 Hz and 60 Hz power systems that are considering a legislative framework to promote energy-efficient electric motors, or those that have a legislative framework but have not yet developed regulations for energy-efficient electric motors.

The Model Regulation Guidelines includes means to regulate a transition from inefficient general purpose, three-phase electric induction motors in the 0.75 kW to 375 kW range, to the international best practice efficiency levels. This range represents around two-thirds of the energy consumed by motors, globally. It includes all the key elements that are needed: definitions, scope, performance requirements, information requirements, applicable test
methods and compliance criteria.

This Model Regulation Guidelines does not cover motors outside the 0.75 kW to 375 kW range, single-phase motors, motors designed for special applications or motor systems. In the future, U4E will consider developing and publishing similar guidance on model regulation documents to cover some of these, in particular, variable speed drives, the use of which can save considerable energy in applications requiring a variable speed, such as  umps, fans and compressors.

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Model Regulation Guidelines For Energy-efficiency Requirements For General Purpose Electric Motors

Sector: Equipment and appliances

Country / Region: Global

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: United for Efficiency

Publishing year: 2019

Author: Hannu Vaananen, Hakan Gedik, Ronald Piers de Raveschoot, Rita Werle, Ajit Advani, Mayur Karmarkar, Hugo Salamanca, Gursu Sezen Torun, Mevlut Hurol Mete, Maarten van Werkhoven, Mustafa Salman, Brian Holuj, Madeleine Edl, Patrick Blake, Paul Kellett, Anibal T. de Almeida, Angelo Baggini, John Cymbalsky