Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

The Irish Green Building Council is a unique network of organisations representing the entire value chain of Ireland’s built environment. With a membership of 160 we educate, advocate, rate, communicate and most of all collaborate for a better, greener built environment. Along with our leadership for a sustainable environment and input into policy on climate action, we also developed tools to provide credible metrics to measure progress towards sustainability:

  • a third party certification system known as Home Performance Index to improve the environmental quality of new homes
  • the EPD Ireland programme to provide transparent information on the environmental impact of construction products.

Currently 2350 homes are registered for our Home Performance Index certification and over 50 products registered with EPD Ireland.

IrishGBC lead the Communications work package and contribute to research on all other work packages including tasks involving restructuring and standards, surveying householders, creating a template for Green Home Guide, Certifying assessors plus meeting bankers and developers with the aim to collaborate on Green Home Green Mortgage Programme. We are also part of the SMARTER team organising a session at GreenBuild Europe and look forward to seeing you in Dublin.

As a result of participating in SMARTER we’d like to continue to influence the whole building industry, financial institutions and consumers  to recognise the urgency of action on climate change and tools are used to build  better homes and healthier lives that don’t cost the earth.

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