Invesco Expands Thematic Environmental Suite by Launching Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF

The launch of the Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF focus reflects increasing global momentum toward sustainability and the fundamental role green buildings have toward climate change mitigation. The Green Building ETF focus spans the entire green building ecosystem including sustainable real estate projects and companies involved in every stage of construction, redevelopment, and retrofitting green-certified properties. Invesco cites environmental certification systems important methodologies that factor into MSCI’s green building assessment and also critical to the transformation of the building stock. Accordingly, the MSCI Global Green Building Index consists of exposure to properties that have higher energy efficiency, healthier indoor environmental quality, and environmentally friendlier construction materials and companies whose offerings conserve natural resources, are made with recycled waste, avoid toxic emissions, save water and energy or contribute to a safe, healthy built environment.

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