GreenHomes.Solutions Platform from the SMARTER initiative

GreenHomes.Solutions is a new platform directory that comprises listings and details of green homes solution providers, that is, companies providing services and products for green building construction (i.e. architects, designers, consultants, building materials and equipment manufacturers, contractors). The companies listed on the platform are assessed according to national or international green certification criteria such as Green Homes in Romania, Home Performance Index in Ireland or GBC Home in Italy.

The main objective of this platform is to provide architects, design teams or certifiers pursuing a Green Certification with relevant solution providers. The platform will simplify the certification process by allowing users to easily communicate and choose the right products for specification or services that perform to green certification standards.

It provides a marketplace for companies that have specialist or “greener” products that may have a higher premium or don’t necessarily fit regular projects. The GreenHomes.Solutions platform connects products and services directly with interested developers, architects, designers or certifiers and is a useful tool for business opportunities both ways.

How does a green product supplier or service provider join? The process is simple. We do an assessment on the products of the company willing to become a ‘Green Homes Solution Provider’ and then list that company on the platform if the products/services comply with the green certification requirements. At the same time, the company gets a certificate for the products/services assessed and pays an annual fee for the space on the platform.

The platform is currently operating under beta testing as part of the EU SMARTER initiative and is updated regularly with new Green Homes Solution Providers from the SMARTER partner countries. Check out the platform today.

Daniel Butucel is a project specialist at Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC) providing research and guidance to identify and advise Green Homes Solution Providers for the EU SMARTER initiative and RoGBC’s Green Homes and Green Mortgage program. He collaborated with Jeff Colley of Passive House Plus to get the platform up and running.

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