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The Green Building  Council in BiH is a hub for motivated, educated and skilled individuals that work jointly to develop green projects for the benefit of society. The main objectives of the organization are to promote a sustainable development, environmental protection, circular economy, responsible and sustainable rural and agricultural development, use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings; as well as promoting reforms and development of sectors such as building, rural development, industry, non-commercial services, small and medium entrepreneurship and others which are financed by national and international institutions and donors. Green Council gathers educated and skilled professionals from different fields (law, economy, ecology, architecture, civil engineering, rural development, agriculture, etc.) able to lead and manage the projects. Green Building Council has gained a vast experience over the course of the years and has become a renowned name in BiH and the WBC region, regarding all aspects of sustainable development.

Green Building Council BiH will introduce “Innovative financing for energy efficiency investments” to all stakeholders in BiH and WBC region in order to create citizen-driven demand for green certification and green financing. Green Building Council experimental nZEB building will continue gathering students, young professionals and all experts in multidisciplinary teams to continue with the research, experiments, promotion and learning by doing methodology being now stronger in their efforts and reinforced with the support of SMARTER project partners. Special task is to develop a teaching tools and  program for future Universities involvement in the Green certification and Green financing. The main aim is to collaborate with Association of architects in BIH,  developers and investors to support future residential projects to become a part of Green certification.

BiH on the way to EU accession needs to harmonize legislation with EU acquis and standards. SMARTER project is one ideal model to support all necessary development in EE and NZEB sector in BiH and WBC region. Green certification and Green financing needs to be recognized as a most beneficial direction for sustainable constructing in BiH.

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Sector: Buildings

Country / Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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