EVO Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (Webinar) – 25.04.2023

Credit and loan officers in banks and other financial institutions are not energy efficiency specialists. The International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP) provides concepts and guidelines to help them assess financing opportunities for energy efficiency projects. It focuses on the key elements needed to evaluate and provide attractive loans to facility owners, ESCOs, and other potential developers and implementers of energy efficiency projects. The presentation highlights the main components of the IEEFP, its scope, and its role in educating credit and loan officers on the intricacies, benefits, and risks of energy efficiency projects.

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Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: Global

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In 1 user collection: C2E2 Webinars

Knowledge Object: eLearning

Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Publishing year: 2023


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